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Large corporations have been promoting ‘kill to clean’ for far too long and this has contributed to ever increasing health problems in humans and animals. Probiotics create healthy indoor ecosystems, they clean better and last longer, boost our immune systems and are 100% organic. Our cleaning products are hand brewed with love ♥

Safe and beneficial for humans, pets and the planet!

why clean with probiotics?

Because probiotics are alive! They feed on grime, dust mite waste, allergens and organic matter. They do this for days after application, like little robots working continuously for you. The more you use them, the more they will dominate your home, leaving no room for pathogens, allergens and other nasties to feed and multiply. Your cleaning products decide if you have a dead environment in your home, or one that is alive and thriving!

our probiotics are unique.

We respect that probiotics are living organisms and as such, we want to give them the best possible life and deliver the best possible product to our customers.
We hand brew the probiotics with love in the English countryside, feed them organic malt/molasses, play them music, place high-energy crystals around them and only use water treated with Effective Microbe Ceramics that create far infrared signals in water, remove the pollution memory and restructure the water molecules into their healthiest, purest form. We also ask our employees not to go into the brewing facilities if they’re in a bad mood. This is something that sets our probiotics aside from those of any other brand in the world. #hippieAF


how we fight chemicals/plastic waste/asthma and allergies

We fight chemicals by providing you with a cleaning product that is 100% organic but also more affordable and more efficient. #nobrainer

We fight plastic waste by providing our product in sachets that you can use to top up a bottle hunderds of times.

We fight asthma and allergies by actively improving indoor air quality and bringing the natural balance back into your home. 

One Year Supply

Get everything you need to kick off a new chapter of cleaning.
Live cleaning for one full year!

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Please buy the plastic bottles once and then use our refill sachets. It’s better for your pocket and the planet

If the spray nozzle breaks – tell us and we will send you another one. The plastic bottle will last 150 years, why throw it away?

our probiotic cleaning products are carbon neutral to brew and enhance waterways on disposal.

1. Get rid of chemicals

We believe that the chemical smell we have after cleaning is the result of us creating a more healthy environment, the truth is that we have filled our environment with toxic gases. For a healthy environment we must get rid of chemicals, even the ones with green credentials.

2. Fill your spaces with life

Use organic probiotic cleaners for your air, surfaces and fabrics and let the beneficial bacteria: Feed on allergy causing organic matter such as pollen, pet dander and mould, neutralise odour, enhance hygiene and boost immune systems.

3. Enjoy a healthier home

90% of our time is spent indoors, be healthier by bringing the healing power of nature into your environment. Be happier knowing that you are making a positive contribution to yourself, your family, your colleagues and pets as well as the planet.

Children and probiotics

Clean your home with probiotics and replicate a natural environment where children are exposed to beneficial bacteria that strengthens their immune systems.

Chemicals vs. Pets

Pets are more sensitive to chemicals. Fill your home with healthy probiotics and never worry about your pet being affected by chemicals. 

Neutralise odours

Probiotics are the best way of dealing with nasty smells. They eat smelly organic matter and use it as energy.

Asthma and allergies

More people today suffer of asthma and allergies than ever before. Part of the reason is living in apparently clean but unhealthy environments.

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