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Clean your home without using toxic chemicals
Introducing the world’s first Earth beneficial cleaning range. We go beyond eco-friendly and actually do the planet good! Our organic probiotics create healthy indoor ecosystems that clean better and last longer than traditional cleaners and are 100% safe. Transform everyday cleaning into an act of love for yourself, your family, your pets and the planet.
Welcome to the probiotic revolution.
Why switch to probiotics?
Probiotics are alive and will continue to clean for 72 hours; that’s a whole 71 hours, 59 minutes and 40 seconds longer than chemical cleaners, not bad eh?
No special training needed, they’re kind to even the most delicate of surfaces. Simply clean as you normally would, minus the marigolds.
Probiotics eat embarrassing whiffs for breakfast, no need to mask them with a cocktail of chemicals.
Our products are hand-brewed with love and we would never test on animals (we’ve got a few willing humans to test on instead).
Probiotics patrol the air and surfaces, hunting down allergens, dirt and dust (whatever that’s made of, but let’s not think too much about that).
No need to squint at a long list of ingredients, everything in our products is 100% natural and organic and safe to use around the whole family including pets (don’t forget the fish bowl).
All pros, no cons


Need more convincing?

So did we. We let a bunch of professional cleaners loose with our products in a care home and after four weeks they were amazed to discover surfaces were on average 90% more hygienic.

Buy the plastic bottles once and we’ll look after them for life.

Use them over and over again with our refill sachets.

It’s better for your pocket and the planet.

What are our customers saying?
About time other companies did this and provided cleaning bottle refills! I LOVE your probiotics and have brought my house to life with them ? My dog bed has never been as fresh, my son’s asthma has greatly improved and I don’t think I have ever enjoyed cleaning as much. Thank you We Are Probiotic
Sarah P.

I absolutely love these products! Having never used a probiotic cleaner, I wasn’t sure what to expect and was worried I may be using them at the detriment of effectiveness – but that is absolutely not the case. They clean like a dream, with no compromise of performance despite no harsh chemicals – perfect! I use this one specifically to clean the beds and blankets all my pets use, but also the hard surfaces in the room my cat spends most of her time and her litter tray. As the product is unscented, she isn’t put off by the scent like with other cleaners. It really helps to keep any odours from her litter tray right down, and I can feel so much more confident in cleaning around her as there’s no dangerous chemicals to be concerned about. I also feel like the room is so much fresher after using this product in there. I’m an absolute convert – I’ve already re-ordered!

I have been using this product for the last week in our care home to tackle ammonia odour within the communal lounge. This product is incredible! we have been trying to deal with the ammonia smell for the past two years and this has dealt with it in a week. Thank you! I shall be trying the cleaning products next.
Elaine J.

Fill, spray, action!

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What’s your cleaning style?

Everything you need to clean up after your small family once or twice a week.


1x Air and Fabric Freshener Bottle
1x Air and Fabric Freshener Sachets Per Month

1x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Bottle
1x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Sachets Per Month

1x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Bottle
1x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Sachets Per Month

2x Bamboo Fibre Cloths
10x EM Ceramic Beads
1x Food Grade Silicone Funnel

Only £5.99/month

(free shipping)

Our most popular option if you’re not sure. Plenty of probiotics to clean up after an average family on a daily basis.

1x Air and Fabric Freshener Bottle
2x Air and Fabric Freshener Sachets Per Month

1x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Bottle
2x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Sachets Per Month

1x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Bottle
2x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Sachets Per Month

2x Bamboo Fibre Cloths
10x EM Ceramic Beads
1x Food Grade Silicone Funnel

Only £9.99/month

(free shipping)

Full house? This will be enough to clean up after your large family pretty much, well, constantly.

1x Air and Fabric Freshener Bottle
3x Air and Fabric Freshener Sachets Per Month

1x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Bottle
3x Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Sachets Per Month

1x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Bottle
3x Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Sachets Per Month

2x Bamboo Fibre Cloths
10x EM Ceramic Beads
1x Food Grade Silicone Funnel

Only £13.99/month

(free shipping)

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Still have questions?
Why should I switch to probiotic cleaners?
This one’s easy.  Put simply, probiotics clean better and work longer than chemical cleaners. They actively make your home a healthier and more hygienic place. They contain no harmful ingredients and are safe to use around your children, pets and all the much loved and delicate surfaces around your home. They make cleaning easier and can you save you time and money. Add to this the benefits of saving plastic waste by using our concentrated sachets, their sustainable production and earth beneficial action when they go down the drain and the benefits start to really add up.
How do probiotic cleaners work exactly?
Probiotic cleaners contain beneficial bacteria (similar to active culture yoghurts). They are alive, just like us and need food to survive. Fortunately for us, they love to eat dirt and grime as well as the gooey structure that harmful bacteria and viruses live in (the technical term for this if you want to impress your friends is biofilm). With every spray you release billions of beneficial bacteria friends and they instantly get to work.
Without a place to live, and with all the food eaten by the probiotics, harmful bacteria have nowhere to live and nothing to eat (now don’t go feeling sorry for them you softie!), this is what we mean when we say ‘probiotics out-compete bad bacteria on surfaces’. The great news is that probiotics will be active on surfaces as long as there’s food for them to eat, so once you’re done cleaning, they carry on working hard for up to 3 days. Our own studies have shown that as you use them week after week, they completely take over the show and make your home an inhospitable place for bad bacteria and viruses.
Why would I want bacteria in my home?
A lot of people may have reservations about spraying living organisms around their home, and this is perfectly understandable. But the truth is we’re never truly alone, no matter how much you scrub. Sharing our home with bacteria is perfectly natural and the vast majority are completely harmless. But like in any society, there are the tiny minority that seek to disrupt and do harm. If you keep trying to kill them (with chemicals for instance), they become more resistant. You could think of this a bit like the few remaining survivors in a post-apocalyptic movie, hunkered down with tinned goods and armed to the teeth. The technical term for this is anti-bacterial resistance and it’s giving medical professionals a real headache. 


The way to get around this problem is to avoid trying to kill every harmful bacteria (an impossible task) but rather to outcompete them by introducing a host of actively beneficial bacteria.

Can I still use other cleaning products at the same time? I have lots left and don’t want to waste them.
Our advice is to stop using all other cleaners once you begin cleaning with probiotics. The reason for this is that traditional chemical cleaners work by attempting to kill bacteria. They can’t tell the difference between harmful or beneficial bacteria and so if you use them alongside our probiotic cleaners you will be unintentionally killing the beneficial bacteria as well as the bad (sad face).


Our research has shown that the more you use them, the quicker you build up a protective layer of beneficial bacteria which makes cleaning easier (dirt and dust doesn’t stick to the surface as much) and provides ongoing protection against harmful bacteria and viruses. Every time you use chemicals you are destroying this and starting from scratch again.


So, a bit like when you start a new diet (every Monday in our case), best to clear out the cupboards and start afresh. There are lots of places that will happily take your half used chemical cleaning products; try local businesses, food banks and neighbours (but don’t forget to tell them why you are giving them away and pass them our details please and thank you).

What are the EM ceramics for?

We include an EM ceramic pipe in every bottle to help keep the water in tip-top condition for your probiotics. We call it Active Bottle Purification and it means we never need to add preservatives. If using tap water, we recommend waiting 20 minutes for the EM ceramic to do its work before adding your sachet of probiotics. 

Are they safe for sensitive skin?
Yes, our products are pH neutral and don’t contain any artificial fragrances or chemicals so are kind and gentle on skin. No need to wear gloves, it’s better not to in fact, the beneficial bacteria is actually good for your skin!
What about for people with asthma & allergies?
Probiotic cleaners consume dust, pet dander and pollen on surfaces and in the air, helping to ease symptoms for sufferers of asthma and allergies.
Can I use probiotic cleaning products on any surface?
Yes! They are pH neutral so are safe for all surfaces including varnished and porous surfaces.
What is the shelf life?
Our products are made from living microbes and will eventually go past their best. We include malt to keep them in tip-top condition for up to 12 months in the concentrated sachet. Once you have opened the sachet and mixed them with water in the bottle, we recommend using them within two months.
Are there any special storage instructions?
The rule here is store them like you would yourself. We don’t like to be left in a cold fridge, or in a hot place, and neither do our probiotics. The sachets are best kept in a cool, dry cupboard until you’re ready to use them.

Once you’ve mixed them in the bottle, they look good enough and are safe enough to be left out on display on your kitchen surface or in your bathroom.

About The Movement

Join We Are Probiotic’s movement to change the chemical cleaning industry forever. Founders Richard and Sammy believe that everybody has the right to a healthy indoor environment and don’t believe this should cost the earth. Changing the way we clean is only a small act for one person, but can have a huge impact globally. By stopping the overuse of disinfectants we can help support healthy bacteria and support our amazing immune systems. Buying just one bottle and then refilling with concentrated sachets is a huge reduction in carbon associated with packaging and transport. All our products are 100% organic and natural, hand-brewed with love and are truly Earth Beneficial. Welcome to the revolution in cleaning.
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