clean your home
the way nature intended

probiotic cleaning products created with you, your family and your environment in mind.

reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning routine

If you care about our planet, it’s time to go beyond eco-friendly. Say hello to We Are Probiotic, products that carry on doing good long after use. Carbon neutral, cruelty-free, and the world’s first and only cleaning range that’s truly Earth beneficial®.

cut through dirt and grease

Save the elbow grease! Let probiotics do the hard work for you and fall in love with cleaning again

eliminate bacteria and germs

Relax in the knowledge that probiotics are outcompeting harmful bacteria and keeping surfaces clean

skin Irritation

Our blends are pH neutral and contain no artificial fragrances or chemicals, making them gentle on skin

ditch single-use

By refilling your spray bottle time and time again you can help cut down on plastic waste

welcome to the probiotic revolution

a smarter way to clean

Make home a safer, healthier place for you and your loved ones. Probiotics boost the levels of good bacteria on surfaces and in the air, helping them outcompete the bad.

purity without preservatives

Keep things fresh without faking it. We Are Probiotic products stay effective for up to 2 months after dilution, thanks to a unique, all-natural active bottle purification system. No artificial preservatives necessary.

long-lasting action

Probiotics actively clean surfaces for up to 72 hours and form a protective layer on surfaces, so not only does housework become quicker and easier over time, but your home stays cleaner for longer.

hand brewed with love

Discover sustainable quality that you can trust. We Are Probiotic’s range is carefully hand-brewed right here in the UK, using green energy sources and locally sourced organic ingredients.

cleaning with probiotics is as easy as...

1. fill with water

2. add sachet

3. spray!

need more convincing?

We wanted our customers to have complete confidence in our range. So, we asked a professional cleaning company to test the performance of our products in a care home. After just four weeks of use, surfaces were 90% more hygienic on average.

light switch
bedside table
kitchen counter
toilet seat

Testing the cleanliness of surfaces using ATP

ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the ‘energy currency of life’. It’s found in all known living cells.
As a measure of the number of living cells present, it can also help us detect if a surface is clean.

Put simply, the lower the ATP level, the cleaner the surface.

The charts above shows how ATP levels dropped after cleaning surfaces with our probiotic products.

what our customers say

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You’ll never look at cleaning the same way again.

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Pause, cancel or switch to another plan at any time.

frequently asked questions

  • Why should I switch to probiotic cleaners?

    Put simply, probiotic cleaning products are better all round.

    • They work longer and clean more effectively than chemical cleaning products.
    • They actively make your home a healthier and more hygienic place by outcompeting harmful pathogens.
    • They restore a microbial balance to indoor environments by reintroducing beneficial bacteria to surfaces.
    • They are completely free of harmful ingredients, so they’re safe to use around children, pets, people with asthma or allergies, and on any surface around the home.
    • They make cleaning easier and can save both time and money. The concentrated refill sachets help you cut waste by over 90%.
    • They are sustainably produced
    • They benefit the environment when they go down the drain.

    What’s not to love?!

  • How does the subscription work?

    A subscription plan is the cheapest, easiest and most convenient to shop with us.

    For one, you can make big savings compared to buying the items separately in from our online shop – up to £16.67 per order with our Constant Cleaner plan. Your order is automatically paid for and delivered to your door for free every three months, so you don’t have to lift a finger. You’re also free to pause, cancel or switch to another plan anytime at the click of a button – simply log into your account and go to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab on your account dashboard.

  • How do probiotic cleaners work exactly?

    Unlike chemical cleaners, our range of probiotic cleaning products don’t kill anything. They work by outcompeting harmful bacteria and other pathogens by introducing billions of beneficial bacteria onto a surface with every spray. These ‘good guys’ eat up all the nutrients and take up all the space on a surface, leaving no resources behind for harmful microbes to use. With nowhere to multiply and nothing to eat, the ‘bad guys’ soon die out, leaving surfaces clean and safe. The beneficial bacteria also create a protective microflora layer over time, preventing dirt and pathogens from adhering to a surface – so the longer you use them, the more effective they become… and the easier cleaning is for you.

  • Why would I want bacteria in my home?

    Many of us associate bacteria and other microbes with all the bad stuff, like sickness and disease. But most microorganisms do us no harm at all. Many simply live alongside us in our homes, our gardens, and the rest of the outside world, having little to no direct impact our lives. Some live on our skin or inside our gut, making up part of who we are and playing an important role in our overall health. And there are also some that are of huge benefit to us and that we can use in everything from dietary supplements to cleaning products. Scientists refer these as probiotics; microorganisms that are beneficial to human and animal health.

  • Can I still use other cleaning products at the same time? I have lots left and don’t want to waste them.

    Our advice is to stop using all other cleaners once you begin cleaning with probiotics. The reason for this is that traditional chemical cleaners work by attempting to kill bacteria. They can’t tell the difference between harmful or beneficial bacteria and so if you use them alongside our probiotic cleaners you will be unintentionally killing the beneficial bacteria as well as the bad.

    If you want to switch to probiotic cleaning but wasting your previous cleaning products is putting you off, we advise you to donate them to places like local businesses, food banks or neighbours! Whilst doing so we’d greatly appreciate it if you would inform others as to why you’re making the switch to our earth-beneficial cleaning range and maybe even pass on our details.

  • What are the EM ceramics for?

    The ‘effective microorganism’ (EM) ceramic beads do two amazing things:

    • They filter tap water and remove treatment chemicals like chlorine that affect the taste of water (and that probiotics don’t get along with!)
    • They keep the probiotics in our blends fresh and working effectively for up to 2 months

    You only need to use one EM ceramic bead per bottle – if you’ve ordered a subscription or starter pack, there will be one in each of the bottles when you receive them. Simply fill the bottle with ordinary tap water and leave the bead to work for 20 minutes before adding the refill sachet contents. You don’t need to use a new bead every time you refill – each one remains effective for over ten years, so you can use them over and over again.

  • Are they safe for sensitive skin?

    Yes. All our products are pH neutral and don’t contain any harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients, fragrances, or preservatives. They are kind and gentle on skin. There’s no need to cover up or wear gloves – it’s better not to in fact, as the beneficial bacteria are good for your skin! Our ingredients list can be found here .

  • What about for people with asthma & allergies?

    Yes. All our products are pH neutral and made from 100% natural ingredients. They don’t contain any chemical nasties that could trigger allergies or asthma symptoms, and they’re also free from artificial ingredients, fragrances, and preservatives. Plus, the probiotics inside consume dust, pet dander and pollen on surfaces and in the air, which can help to ease symptoms for sufferers of asthma and allergies. Our ingredients list can be found here .

  • Can I use probiotic cleaning products on any surface?

    Yes. All the products in our range are pH neutral and don’t contain any harsh chemicals that might damage your surfaces. They’re safe to use on anything, even varnished, porous and untreated surfaces.

  • What is the shelf life?

    Our products are made from living microorganisms and will eventually go past their best. We include malt to keep them in tip-top condition for up to twelve months in the concentrated sachet. Once diluted, the probiotics will remain fresh and effective for up to two months, thanks to our unique EM ceramic beads.

  • Are there any special storage instructions?

    We recommend looking after your probiotic products in the same way that you look after yourself. None of us want to sit in a freezing cold draught for too long or stay cooped up in a stuffy room all day, and neither do probiotics. Instead, store any refill sachets and diluted product out of direct sunlight in a cool, dry cupboard until you’re ready to use them.