Benefits of using environmental probiotics


Improve indoor air quality

Beneficial bacteria feed on air pollutants such as pollen, mould, pet dander and dust mite waste. They also help our respiratory system.


Boost immune systems

Probiotics are the good bacteria that we need to be exposed to for healthy immune systems. Bring them indoors!


Better, longer lasting cleaning

Probiotics clean better than chemicals and carry on cleaning for days. Release the power of billions of hungry probiotics!


Love our planet

Replace TOXIC chemicals with organic probiotics that actively enhance nature instead of damaging it.

Probiotics vs. Chemicals

Chemical cleaners are corrosive to surfaces and toxic to inhabitants. Probiotic cleaners are proven to clean better than chemicals, last longer, are organic and help to build immune systems.

Enhanced Hygiene

Using probiotic cleaners will create a long lasting, healthy micro-flora of beneficial microbes on surfaces and objects. beneficial microbes out compete pathogens by means of overcrowding and actively deal with the lower layers of biofilm and dry biofilm, enhancing hygiene in indoor environments

Infection Control

Studies have shown that using probiotic cleaners instead of chemicals can cut healthcare associated infections by up to 50%.

Asthma and Allergies

Probiotics feed on allergy and asthma triggers such as pollen, dander and dust mite waste whilst building immune systems by exposure to the right kinds of bacteria. Probiotics also greatly reduce the presence of indoor pathogens which are responsible for many asthma irritations. HIGHLY recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers!

Neutralise odours

Most households and businesses use fragrances in an attempt to mask odours. Environmental probiotics attack the source of odours, actively neutralising them. For fragrance simply add some essential oil to the probiotic blend.

Pet Probiotics

We love our pets but most people don’t love the odours and allergies that come from having them. Pet probiotics feed on organic matter such as pet dander and actively neutralise pet odours. pet probiotics also expose our pets to beneficial microbes, enhancing their health.


We have sealed up building for energy efficiency and ventilation systems are recirculating all kinds of air pollutants. HVAC probiotics restore natural balance to the air being circulated and coat ducting with beneficial bacteria that actively feed on organic matter that would otherwise be breathed in..

Environmental probiotics are the best, and healthiest way to clean indoor environments

wearePROBIOTIC is a company that manufactures cleaning products based on probiotics, for home and commercial use.


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