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Organic | Natural | Safe | Improve Indoor Environments | Increase Hygiene | Positive PR | Save Time | Save Money | Reduce SKU’s | Reduce Carbon Footprint | Reduce Plastic Waste.

The future of cleaning

100% Organic

Hand brewed in our probiotic farm. Only natural ingredients.

Active, live ingredients

Live Probiotics keep cleaning for days, making them the most active cleaning ingredient.

Just add water

The best way to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste is to stop shipping water! We provide our product in sachets. Just add water.

Modern branding

Our wearePROBIOTIC brand is a badge that companies can use to advertise changing to Earth-beneficial cleaning products,

Best test results

Independent test results place probiotics well above chemicals in terms of cleaning efficiency.

Competitive pricing

We hand brew the probiotics locally, saving on manufacturing and shipping costs. Thus, we are able to offer them at the same price, or even cheaper than chemical cleaners.

Reducing the number of SKU’s to save time and cost

Air and Fabric Freshener

Air Freshener

Fabric Freshener

(fragrance free – can add essential oil)

Power cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms

Hard Floors

Showers | Washrooms | Toilets

Multi Surface & Glass Cleaner

All surfaces

Glass | Mirrors

Probiotic cleaning for businesses

90% increase in hygiene

A recent independent study showed a hygiene increase in one month
of over 90% when compared to chemical cleaners

Probiotic Atomisers for Washrooms and general odour control:

Unlike artificial fragrances that try to mask odours with chemicals, or dangerous ozone units in washrooms, probiotics actively neutralise odours and are healthy to inhale.
The new Probiotic Ultrasonic Atomiser releases timed sprays of probiotics infused with a choice of 100% essential oil:
Available in three options:
• Lavender
• Peppermint & Bergamot
• Orange & Lemongrass


Trusted and used by many businesses

“wearePROBIOTIC is the future of cleaning. They are the obvious next step in improving our air quality. We’ve ditched cleaning chemicals completely, at work and at home.”

Nathan Wood

CEO at Farmwood

“Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by wearePROBIOTIC. They managed to make cleaning exciting again. I love them, my clients love them and we’re not looking back.”

Sue Bailey

Yoga Instructor


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