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0% Fragrance. Spray our Air and Fabric Freshener to liven up any room by restoring a healthy, bio-live community of microorganisms in your home. The cultures eliminate odours and eat away allergens. Add essential oils to the bottle to create a vibrant scent


The Air and Fabric Freshener is ideal for neutralising smells and destroying bad bacteria which lurks on your furniture and lingers in the air. This product promotes a healthy culture of bacteria in your home and, helps to combat indoor pollution when, harsh chemical products are swapped for our natural alternatives. Make the #EcoSwitch.

What is a probiotic cleaning product?

It’s a cleaning product that contains live microorganisms called beneficial bacteria (probiotics). 

Why do probiotic cleaners do a better job than chemicals?

Probiotics are alive. Once you spray them on a surface, they begin eating away dust, allergens and organic matter that creates nasty odours. They do this for up to 72h compared to chemicals which are only active while wet (around 10 seconds).

Are these products anti-bacterial?

No, they are pro-bacteria, made from bacteria that’s found in our bodies. Organsisms we can’t survive without.

However, these beneficial bacteria will compete with bad bacteria (pathogens), eating away all the food and causing pathogens to die of starvation. 

Harsh chemical cleaners that boast a 99.99% kill rate still leave 0.01% of resistant bacteria on your surfaces. These pathogens will have no competition on the recently “cleared” surface, doubling their number every 21min. In 24h that means trillions of resistant bacteria. No being has ever survived starvation, therefore cleaning with probiotics can achieve a total reduction in harmful bacteria (including the superbugs that can’t be killed with harsh chemicals or antibiotics)

6 reviews for Air and Fabric Freshener

  1. Donna G (verified owner)

    AMAZING!! My two little ones have asthma and I was advised to stop using chemical air fresheners in the house as they might be a trigger. I found this product and not only does it actually get rid os smells, I think it is really helping ease their asthma in the house. LOVE IT – thanks guys 🙂

  2. Lee Brookfield (verified owner)

    This is the only air freshener I have used that doesn’t make my dog sneeze!

  3. Danielle wilcock

    Absolutely love this product, I added the autumnal essential oil and its fab, so many people have commented on how nice the house smells

  4. Harold Davies

    I sprayed this in my new bike helmet that I bought second hand, It stunk. I can’t believe after spraying this the smell is gone.

  5. Lena Nowak

    Love the product, it really gets rid of odours as well as freshen the room when a little essential oil is added. Love the fact that it is so ECO and would have 5 starred it but the label on the bottle marked easily ……. and I want to keep it for life!

  6. Diana M.

    It feels great when I spray this on my bed and couch, knowing that the probiotics are alive and active for days… I personally add one drop of essential oil to it, just to give it an extra boost of freshness.

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