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Multi Surface Cleaner

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Replace harmful chemical cleaners with our range of probiotic cleaners. Most standard cleaners emit toxic chemicals which pollute the air and your lungs. Make the #EcoSwitch and replace your old cleaner with our probiotic cleaner: bursting with goodness.


The Multi Surface Cleaner is perfect for all surfaces in your home, which often become breeding grounds for bad bacteria and pathogens. Our probiotic cleaner tackles dirt by outcompeting the bad bacteria on surfaces, creating a micro-flora layer. This is beneficial not only because it is a highly effective cleaner, leaving surfaces squeaky clean, it is also good for your health, restoring a healthy balance of microbes in your home and your gut. Reintroduce nature back into your home.

Ingredients: beneficial microbes (lactobicilli, yeasts and photosynthetic cultures), organic malt, purified water, natural essential oils, citric acid, limonene, <5% alcohol

500 ml bottle


Pet Friendly & Cruelty Free


100% Organic and Nature Inspired

No Allergens

No Artificial Fragrances

1 review for Multi Surface Cleaner

  1. Harold Davies

    My house has never felt fresher, we don’t have mould in the bathroom anymore and no horrible chemical smells. I love how I can clean, knowing that I’m doing good for my families and dogs health

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wearePROBIOTIC is a company that manufactures cleaning products based on probiotics, for home and commercial use.


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