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Replace toxic chemical cleaning products with a probiotic cleaner that enhances hygiene and lasts much longer. The power cleaner releases a community of workers that literally eat organic matter. Our probiotics out-compete the bad bacteria, creating a healthy environment in your home.


Our floors are the perfect environments bad bacteria to fester. Many particles that flow in the air and drift into our homes through windows and doors fall on floors, as does the dirt we tread in from outside on our shoes. Our floors are the largest surfaces at home and cleaning them with bleach is dangerous to you and the inhabitants of your home. Bleach is a chemical cleaner and gives off chemicals which become airborne and ends up in our lungs. This affects our respiratory systems and is bad for health. Make the #EcoSwitch and restore nature back into the home.

Ingredients: beneficial microbes (lactobicilli, yeasts and photosynthetic cultures), active enzymes, organic malt, purified water, organic essential oils, citric acid, limonene,  < 5% alcohol

500 ml bottle


What is a probiotic cleaning product?

It’s a cleaning product that contains live microorganisms called beneficial bacteria (probiotics). 

Why do probiotic cleaners do a better job than chemicals?

Probiotics are alive. Once you spray them on a surface, they begin eating away dust, allergens and organic matter that creates nasty odours. They do this for up to 72h compared to chemicals which are only active while wet (around 10 seconds).

Are these products anti-bacterial?

No, they are pro-bacteria, made from bacteria that’s found in our bodies. Organsisms we can’t survive without.

However, these beneficial bacteria will compete with bad bacteria (pathogens), eating away all the food and causing pathogens to die of starvation. 

Harsh chemical cleaners that boast a 99.99% kill rate still leave 0.01% of resistant bacteria on your surfaces. These pathogens will have no competition on the recently “cleared” surface, doubling their number every 21min. In 24h that means trillions of resistant bacteria. No being has ever survived starvation, therefore cleaning with probiotics can achieve a total reduction in harmful bacteria (including the superbugs that can’t be killed with harsh chemicals or antibiotics)

4 reviews for Power Cleaner - Floors and Bathrooms

  1. Karen Savickas

    I run a cleaning company with my husband and have used probiotic cleaners for years.9 years ago we used a product called libby chan which disappeared a few years ago. I was in despair as I knew that this type of cleaning is the ONLY way to clean.
    I then found this product which is far superior and we use it everywhere!!
    We clean the communal areas of retirement lodges and up until covid 19 hit lots of the individual apartments.
    At present we cannot go into apartments but we have upped our cleaning of the 4 retirement lodges and I cannot understand why people feel that using cleaners that kill “99.9% of bacteria”have any place in our world!!
    It has taken mainstream medicine decades to realise that overuse of antibiotics has brought about resistance and ruined gut health and only now are they conceding that we need probiotics to boost our immune systems.Our homes are made up of the same eco systems as our bodies and we are encouraged to kill off all the amazing good bacteria present there by using chemicals!PLEASE PLEASE try this amazing cleaner!!

  2. Anita (verified owner)

    I’d been using the we are probiotic floor cleaner for 3 weeks. On the weekend I was cooking, as I usually do, and I spilt something on the floor. I took a damp cloth to wipe up the spill and was surprised to see that when I checked the cloth the floor was clean. I couldn’t believe it, as in the past I would always think – gosh this floor needs a good clean! At last a product that works!

  3. Gina

    Hey guys. Wanted to share this with you. I caught my my oldest son (3yo) spraying the little one (7mo) in the face like it was nobody’s business. Can’t describe how relieved I was seeing it was the Weareprobiotic bottle and not something else! Chemicals have no f-ing place in a home with children. Can you also make probiotic laundry detergent and dishwasher soap?

  4. Helen Wellsby

    I use the floor cleaner sachets with my spray mop and it works amazingly well 🙂 I love the fact that the more I use it – the cleaner the floor gets.

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