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Enjoy a burst of probiotic freshness while you’re out and about with the Pro-Go Personal Atomiser. Simply fill up with our air & fabric freshener, slip into your pocket and you’re ready to neutralise odours or freshen up your environment anytime, anywhere.



In the car: Keep the air in your vehicle fresh during long journeys (or after picking up a takeaway!)

At the gym: Spray onto your kit after a workout to prevent body and foot odours lingering inside your gym bag

Around the office: Use at shared work stations, or in break rooms and other communal areas to ensure surfaces are safe and clean

At your desk: Enhance your office space with a quick spritz as and when needed

In public amenities: Get rid of nasty lingering odours in public bathrooms or baby changing facilities

Contents per item:

  • 1 x Pro-Go Personal Atomiser
  • 1 x Pro-Go Personal Atomiser user guide (includes refilling instructions)
  • 1 x mixer bottle (300 ml)
  • 1 x Probiotic concentrated sachet (5 ml)
  • 1 x  spare wicks (to be changed after 6 refills)
  • 1 x micro USB charging cable
  • 1 x velvet carry case


This device has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using the micro USB charging cable (included).

To refill, purchase a refill pack of our 'Air and Fabric Freshener' sachets and dilute in your 300 ml mixer bottle. Replacement wicks can be purchased separately.

What is a probiotic cleaning product?

It’s a cleaning product that contains live microorganisms called beneficial bacteria (probiotics). 

Why do probiotic cleaners do a better job than chemicals?

Probiotics are alive. Once you spray them on a surface, they begin eating away dust, allergens and organic matter that creates nasty odours. They do this for up to 72h compared to chemicals which are only active while wet (around 10 seconds).

Are these products anti-bacterial?

No, they are pro-bacteria, made from bacteria that’s found in our bodies. Organsisms we can’t survive without.

However, these beneficial bacteria will compete with bad bacteria (pathogens), eating away all the food and causing pathogens to die of starvation. 

Harsh chemical cleaners that boast a 99.99% kill rate still leave 0.01% of resistant bacteria on your surfaces. These pathogens will have no competition on the recently “cleared” surface, doubling their number every 21min. In 24h that means trillions of resistant bacteria. No being has ever survived starvation, therefore cleaning with probiotics can achieve a total reduction in harmful bacteria (including the superbugs that can’t be killed with harsh chemicals or antibiotics)

1 review for Pro-Go - Personal Atomiser

  1. Salome Avery-Scott

    I have the regular atomiser and the pro-go and have been using the pro-go in the car on long drives. It keeps the car smelling fresh, I highly recommend both products 🙂

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