Probiotic Refill Sachets (fill 3 bottles)

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Refill sachets. Pour the contents of one sachet into a 300ml bottle filled with purified water.

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Plastic is a major environmental problem around the world. We believe that plastic is a good material when it is used responsibly and ask that you only buy our plastic bottles once, then use the probiotic concentrate sachets with filtered water to refill them.

By using our concentrated refill sachets, we can reduce the price to that of regular chemical cleaners – making it accessible to all.

5 ml sachet


2 reviews for Probiotic Refill Sachets (fill 3 bottles)

  1. Rob B

    just received these and have tried the hard floor and the multi surface. They clean really well and smell lemony, there is also a feel good factor knowing that you are doing something healthy for the family instead of unhealthy with chemicals.

  2. Carly

    Just placing my second order, love the product range, there is something very satisfying to know when your done cleaning the probiotics continue to work. The peppermint is my favourite scent but all smell fresh and non chemically. The product range is great for the kids bedrooms as my daughter suffers from allergies and asthma so as a parent its brilliant to know the cleaning products I’m using aren’t harmful to her at all, looking forward to receiving my next batch!

    • admin

      Thank you for your review – we’re really happy to hear you are enjoying the products 🙂

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