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One Year Supply



Get everything you need to kick off a new chapter of cleaning.
Live cleaning for one full year!


Years supply includes:

• Starter pack

• 1 Air and Fabric Freshener Bottle
• 2 Air and Fabric Freshener Sachets

• 1 Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Bottle
• 2 Multi Surface and Glass Cleaner Sachets

• 1 Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Bottle
• 2 Power Cleaner – Floors and Bathrooms Sachets

• 2 Bamboo Fibre Cloths

• 10 EM Ceramic Beads

• 1 Food Grade Silicone Funnel, for topping up the bottles

• Everyday cleaner subscription (sent quarterly)

1st delivery: 4 sachets per bottle + Starter Pack
2nd delivery: 6 sachets per bottle (18 sachets)
3rd delivery: 6 sachets per bottle (18 sachets)
4th delivery: 6 sachets per bottle (18 sachets)
Total: 3 bottles, 72 sachets; 2 bamboo cloths, 1 pack of EM ceramics, 1 funnel


Frequently Asked

What are environmental probiotics?

Probiotics are natural organisms that are also referred to as “good bacteria” or “helpful bacteria”. They are a vital component to nature and to our immune systems. They are nature’s recyclers, breaking down matter to its basic biological structure.

Why would I want bacteria in my home?

This is actually not our choice. A person can shed 35 million bacteria just by walking into a room.  When we hear the word “bacteria”, we are scared. When in fact, without bacteria we could not possibly survive. WE ARE PROBIOTIC brings the natural balance back into your home, by rebuilding the micro biome naturally found in nature.

What is the difference between probiotic sprays and standard air fresheners?

Air fresheners use chemicals. Chemicals are more or less harmful to health.

Beneficial bacteria are 100% natural and are indispensable to our health.

How does this go together with my air purifier?

weareProbiotic products work great with any air purifier. Spray the air and freshener spray near the exhaust of your air purifier and the exhaust air will carry the probiotics to all areas of the room. Some of the probiotics may be sucked back into your air purifier and land on the filter, this is a good thing as it will stop the bad bacteria, mould and fungi from growing and creating sick filter syndrome.

Can I use WeAreProbiotic cleaning products on any surface?

Not only you can, but you are highly advised to do so! The probiotic atomiser releases a fine mist that covers all surfaces in a room with a probiotic hug.

Is it okay for these products to come in contact with my skin?

It is completely safe. You have more bacteria on your skin than there is inside the products. (if you use harsh care products that kill the beneficial bacteria on your skin, we highly advise you to switch to probiotic ones)

Is there a shelf life for the probiotics?

The shelf life is around 2 months if the bottle has been opened, and 9 months if it hasn’t.

Do I have to keep the bottles in the fridge?

No, just keep them out of direct sun-light, and under 21 degrees Celsius.

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